Zeno Acne – What is it and How Does it Work?

Currently, several products and methods in the market promise to deliver fast and effective means of treating acne. These range from topical creams, medicinal drugs to even laser treatments while each of these methods has their own set of pros and cons. Neverheless, one method claims to offer the best, effective and fastest way of getting rid of acne, up-to-date. It is called Zeno acne treatment.

In Zeno acne treatment, a hand-held, battery operated, electronic device called the Zeno Acne Clearing Device is used to deliver the treatment. The device delivers heat to the involved area over the tip of the device and in turn kills the acne causing bacteria. The tip of the device is a specially made one and it is called bio compatible one which will not make any harm to the skin. Furthermore, the PDI controller microprocessor inside the Zeno Acne Clearing device consistently adjusts the temperature of the device within the indicated range. The device can even adjust to different skin types of the users by regulating the stream of energy to equal the absorption of heat though the skin of the user.

The Zeno Acne Treatment Device induces an heat-shock to the acne by raising the temperature of the tip of the device up to 48 degrees Celsius. As a solution of this heat treatment, the release of heat-shock proteins is tripped within the bacterial cells and these proteins cause the self destruction of the acne. In addition, this treatment reduces firing near the involved area and makes the skin heal more quickly. A treatment session for a acne last only for 2-3 minutes and after a couple of treatments, acne will disappear without even leaving any trace. Commonly, one treatment would be sufficient to remove the acne. It is stated that FDA monitored clinical tests have proven that 90% of the acne treated with this device would have been removed within 24 hours.

The Xeno Acne Treatment Device should have been used at the first sight of acne and the earlier one uses the device, the less chance would have been for the formation of an acne scar. Broadly the usage of this device is recommended for mild (inflamed red acne) and moderate (puss-filled acne) acne and more severe acne demands medical attention. Although no significant harmful side-effects are related with the use of this device, brief skin redness may come out after treatment.

The Zeno Acne Treatment Device offers a Hassle free, fast and effective method to combat acne. No other device up-to-date can appear to match the level of ease and effectiveness it offers.


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