What Kind of Information About Cell Phone Numbers is Free and What Kind Is not

Do you have a cell phone number that you would like to learn about, but are not sure what information you can obtain for free, and are wondering what details you will be expected to pay for. You will discover that the free information will be very basic, as the only details that can be provided is that which is easily accessible or considered public knowledge.

The following is the information you should expect to find for free. Keep in mind that if the free cell phone lookup you are using does not provide you with these facts, find one that does:

– Area code information – This is often the most helpful information, as it can at least provide you with a general idea of ​​the location of the cellular phone user. That is because an area code is assigned to a specific geographic location. Therefore, you will learn the name of the state, and likely the name of the city that is associated with the phone number.

– Name of wireless provider – You will be given the name of the mobile phone company that provides service to the phone. However, you should be aware that this information could be stale, as free databases are not updated on a frequent basis.

-Type of phone line – It will be confirmed if the phone number you are searching is the property of a cell phone or a private landline number.

Information that you will be required to pay for, as it is automatically removed from public viewing due to the privacy of the numbers, includes:

– Name of cell phone owner – The full name of the wireless owner

– Address – This would be the billing address the phone company has on record

– Additional personal information – This can include phone records, public records, demographic information, details about other household members, relatives, etc.

So, what you will end up discovering is that if you think all you require is very general information to help you learn about a cell phone user, a free reverse phone lookup [http://www.instantphonelookups.com] will suffice. However, if you require further facts, your only option is to pay the small fee to obtain this information.


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