What Are My Reverse Cell Phone Look Up Options?

When it comes to looking up cell phone numbers or the owners of those numbers your options are rather limited. Unlike with residential and business landlines there is not a Yellow Pages for cell phones. You can not find what you are looking for by calling information either. You best choice when trying to find the owner of a particular phone number is to do a reverse cell phone look up.

The reasons you may need to do this type of search are many. You can find out the source of annoying, harassing, or prank phone calls. You can find out who has been calling your kids phone or check on strange numbers on your spouse's phone. Or you just find out who belong to that unrecognizable number that keeps showing up on your caller-id.

No matter why you may need to do a reverse cell phone search there are several options available to you, some of which work better then others.

1. Answer your phone – Back before caller-id people just answered their phone when it rang. Of course times have changed and the amount of phone calls we get these days is vastly greater.

2. Call the number back – If you find unknown cell phone numbers on your caller-id call them back and ask who they are and why they were calling you. If you do not want them to know who you are call from a public phone so as to hide your caller-id identity from them.

3. Use a search engine – If you enter the phone number into one of the major search engines you may find what you are looking for. People leave all sorts of personal information lying around the internet and if it's out in the open the search engines will find it and put it into their index.

4. Try one of the free directories – There are free reverse cell phone directories out there but they are lacking in the amount of numbers and information they have. This is because they work on a voluntary basis. In order to use their service you must enter your cellular number, name, and other information as do all the other members.

5. Join a national cellular number registry – These are the paid sites that are able to provide millions of cell phone numbers for reverse look ups. They have agreements in place with the cellular providers to provide this information to the public for a nominal fee that gives you unlimited lifetime access to their database. It's the yellow pages for cell phones on your computer.

Which option you use for your reverse cell phone look up is up to you. Obviously the first two work well but you will have to talk to someone. The middle two will give you varying degrees of success and the last choice gives you the greatest chance of finding the names and numbers you are looking for.


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