W960i The New Kid On The Block From Sony Ericsson

W960i The new Sony Eriksson with its retro feel, much reminiscent of the W850 And W950. Its large display and a good sized keypad make it easy to use. The feel in the hand is remarkably light, not what you would expect from a phone of this size.

The Sony Ericsson W960 has a combination of a touch screen and normal manual input. This works well but sometimes sometimes feel a bit gimmicky and after a time I would imagine you would avoid using the touch screen and revert back to the good old pushing buttons and using the side wheel.

The W960 has an excellent feature set 8GB of built in storage which seems to be the norm giving it space for hours of music tracks and lots of photos, 3G download speeds giving you access to the high speed internet, Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth and a not to shabby 3.2 mega pixel camera.

Once you master the phones controls you will find that its operation is top spec, the only problem I had was with the touch screen I found it annoying after using the handset for a while. The camera is a joy to use and very capable in capturing those on the move moments. The music player is great and is comparable to a dedicated high-end mobile player.

The W960i comes boxed with both a HBM-70 wired stereo headset that features the extremely comfortable in-ear phones; this lets you answer calls while listening to music. Included in the box is also a black Walkman branded traveling pouch for added protection on your travels

All in all this is a great handset made to a very high quality with excellent music quality and a high spec digital camera. My main concern is the touch screen that can turn into a major annoyance as I do not feel it as as functional as it could be. If you put away the touch screen issue then what you have is a handset that will supply all your music on the move needs as well as capture all the images from your travels.


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