The T-Mobile Sidekick – A Great Texting Phone

The T-Mobile Sidekick is a unique cell phone that has a large color screen and full keyboard for text messaging, instant messaging, and web browsing. The Sidekick is one of the most popular cell phones in the US with many teenagers and even celebrities choosing it as their favorite phone.

The T-Mobile Sidekick gets slimmer with each new model. It currently is only 5.1 X 2.3 X 0.9 inches in size. It is one of the favorite phones for teens primarily because of its full keyboard which makes it easy for text messaging, web browsing, and instant messaging. It supports instant messaging for the following carriers: Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. It also is very popular because of its big color screen that makes watching movies and web browsing that much more enjoyable. The current Sidekick has Bluetooth technologies built in which is nice for using it hands free. Another cool feature of the T-Mobile Sidekick cell phone is the number of contacts that you can store. You can store over 2000 names and cell phone numbers in the Sidekick!

I have never seen another phone that can store that many names and numbers. So if you have a lot of friends and family this phone is for you. You basically have a cell phone directory of cell phone numbers integrated into your cell phone. It just might be kind of tough trying to lookup somebody's cell phone number with all of those contacts. Some other cool features that the new T-Mobile Sidekick has: a fully integrated camera (1.3 mega pixels) with flash, enhanced sound quality, enhanced battery life so you can talk approximately 4.5 hours, and a great speaker phone. The Sidekick also has a trackball that provides easy navigation while using the phones interface.

Some cons of the T-Mobile Sidekick is that the phone itself is not the best. You can hear background noises when talking on it. Also, there is no voice dialing which is not convenient especially when using hands free. And the reception is not the best.

Overall, the T-Mobile Sidekick is a great phone if you are primarily going to use it for text messaging, instant messaging, and browsing the web. It also, has that huge built in cell phone directory of over 2000 cell phone numbers and names which is nice. But if you are strictly buying it for good reception when using the phone then this phone is not for you.


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