The Samsung U600 And Its Multimedia Applications

Samsung U600 is a slide phone that has excellent looks and is loaded with the latest multimedia applications. This handset is much slimmer than its predecessor, the U900. This mobile has touch-sensitive external buttons and is light in weight. The mobile has a music player, a camera and offers the latest connectivity options.

The camera installed in Samsung 600 has been updated to 3.2 MP. This camera comes complete with auto-focus, LED flash and digital zoom. The in-built camera clicks photos and records videos that can be easily saved in the whopping 60MB memory of the mobile. These saved pictures can later be shared with others.

The MP3 music player has the ability to support a number of formats such as ACC, ACC +, MP3 and e-ACC +. There is the digital power amplifier named as the Bang and Olufsen amplifier. The memory of the handset can be further expanded to 2GB through a Micro SD card. So, now you can store innumerable number of songs in the memory of the phone. Samsung U600 is equipped with a PC data link kit that enables song transfer form the phone to other devices such as a laptop. Messaging with this mobile is easy and is supported by email attachments. So, now you can attach a document while sending messages to your friends. Moreover, the document viewer allows you to see files in formats such as MS office, PDF and HTML.

Includes EDGE connections enable faster downloads. A compatible printer allows you to get wireless photo printing. There is also a TV Output feature with the aid of which you can view pictures and videos on a television screen. This handset has a Li-Ion battery that gives a stand-by of 250 h and talk-time of 3 h 30 mins. The handset is light and works on 2G networks. The mobile has 60 MB embedded memory that easily accommodates 1000 entries. MP3 and polyphonic ring-tones can easily be stored in the handset. The U600 is available in a range of colors such as Sapphire Blue, Crystal Blue, Garnet Red, Copper Gold, Platinum Silver, Soft Black and Neutral White. So, you can choose from these color options, depending on your preferences.


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