The Bosch AKE 30 Li – A Light, Powerful and Precise Machine

With this chainsaw Bosch has set a new mark for other power tool companies to match. This is a chainsaw with no cord to slow you. The Bosch AKE 30 Li is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, the latest and most practical type of battery technology available. The saw itself is small, which makes it lighter to the touch and easier to handle. This combined with thirty-six volts of lithium-ion power makes the Bosch AKE 30 Li cordless chainsaw quick and easy to handle. You will not have to drag it around the way you would a larger saw.

This saw is completely green, avoiding the CO2 emissions and dripping fuel that is the byproduct of many saws. And instead of taking away the useful functions of the saw, this battery pack makes it more portable, maneuverable and reliable. The Bosch AKE 30 Li is truly state of the art, offering the latest technologies available and more. It makes one-hundred cuts of ten-by-ten centimeter non-hardwood, and has a smaller surface area around the motor that might obstruct or restrict movement. It is also much easier to get this saw running than a gas saw would be.

The Bosch AKE 30 Li feels light in the hands, but the torque packed into that engine is incredible. It oils itself to keep the chain from drying out, and it is easy to check the level of the oil. This is an important feature, because letting the oil run out will damage the chain, guide and workings of the saw in just a small amount of time. Another thing that adds to the ease of the Bosch AKE 30 Li is ergonomics. The handle is made of a spongy material that is easy on the hands. This allows you to use the saw from several positions in comfort. This feature on the Bosch AKE 30 Li also will get you through hour after hour of sawing without much damage to your hands and wrists.

The size of this saw allows it to make detailed and precise cuts time after time. It is also much easier to charge and replace the battery pack than it is to fuel up and crank start a gas saw. There are two brakes at work in the Bosch AKE 30 Li. The kickback brake takes 1/10 of a second to stop the saw if there is trouble. It also gives the user an audio warning when if it is turned on while in this mode. The functional brake adds another layer of protection to running this electrical saw.

The Bosch AKE 30 Li is not only light, adaptable and maneuverable it also runs as quiet as a battery pack can make it. So you do not have to put up with heads from the roaring gas engine or smoke fumes to make you sick to the stomach on a cold morning. The battery pack also has a turn-around rate of ninety minutes, and this is the amount of time it takes to charge it up fully. The Bosch AKE 30 Li has three 2.6 Ah lithium batteries and comes with a charger. It is a competitive product, definitely able to deliver as much or more than asked of it.


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