Summer Handheld Color Video Monitor – Five Reasons Why This is the One (And Where to Get it Cheap)

The Summer handheld color video monitor has got to be the best monitor for keeping an eye on your baby. After using this monitor, I cannot see where anyone would want anything else. I would like to give you five reasons why this monitor is tops for my family. I would also like to help you make a wise decision on where to buy one.

Five Reasons Why We Love This Monitor.

  1. We can see and hear our baby from anywhere in the house. We can also go outside and still be able to see and hear her. The 350 foot range is incredible. The belt clip makes it so easy to carry the monitor around. It is lightweight and very convenient.
  2. The clarity is awesome. The 900mhz frequency makes the sound and video quality extremely sharp. The sound is adjustable and the video can be turned off or set on an automatic shut-off to save battery life. It is very easy to turn the video off and on. All you do is push a button to see your baby. As far as the battery goes, the fully charged rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours. Plus you can always use the AC adapters.
  3. The video is full color. It is like looking right at your baby, but in a smaller size! At night, you can still see your baby with the black and white automatic nighttime view. You don’t even have to change it.
  4. The sound lights are great for when you have the video turned off because you can still see the level of your child’s activity.
  5. The peace of mind from knowing that your baby is OK is worth every penny. We do not have to listen in at her door or peek into her room. With us, it never failed that some noise would wake her up. I have even crawled on the floor just to peek over the bumper pad to see her. The things protective moms will do! Thankfully, with this monitor, I do not have to do that anymore.

Where to Get a Summer Handheld Color Video Monitor at the Best Price.

For us, we had far more things to spend our money on that to buy a really expensive monitor. However, we wanted one that was worth it’s weight in gold. We looked at retail stores and online. The best place for us was at Amazon. We were able to find exactly what we wanted and find it at a good price. Plus, we knew the return at a reputable company was easy, but that never happened. There was no way we were returning it!


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