Skylanders Tree Rex The First Of The Skylanders Giants

When Skylanders Giants was first announced by Activision, Skylanders Tree Rex was the first actual Giant character we got to see. He is the Life Giant, and is one of eight Skylanders Giants. There are eight giant figures because there are eight Skylanders elements in the game. Here is a list of all the Giants, and the Elements they belong to:

  • Tree Rex – Life Element
  • Ninjini- Magic Element
  • Bouncer – Tech Element
  • Crusher – Earth Element
  • Hot Head – Fire Element
  • Swarm – Air Element
  • Thumpback – Water Element
  • Eye Brawl – Undead Element

Activision must have thought that this awesome figure would be a popular, as when the Giants game launched he was bundled with all the Starter Packs and Portal Owner Packs.

The figure itself is very well made, in fact the quality of all the Skylanders figures is very high. As this character is a Giant, his figure is about twice the size of regular Skylanders. This great character, is supposed to be a mutated tree, so his figure is made up of tree trunks. When you look at the figure you can see his arms, fingers, legs, torso and head are all tree trunks! He wears red bark armor on the top of his head, his chest and on the cannon. Skylanders Tree Rex holds a Photosynthesis Cannon, his main weapon in one hand. As a Life Skylander, he stands on a base covered in dark green leaves.

All of The Giant Skylanders feature Lightcore technology. This means that they light up when put on the Portal Of Power. This is a really cool feature, and does not require batteries. Lightcore technology is powered by the portal itself. When Tree Rex is put on the portal his eyes glow blue, and his photosynthesis cannon glows green.

When playing the video game, you notice that Giants, because of their large size can do things that other regular Skylanders cannot. For example, Skylanders Tree Rex is able to pull on a chain linking two islands, and cause them to move together, so he can hop from one to another. He can also smash holes in buildings and pick up and throw big objects. Activision however, have designed the game so that in other situations it would be more beneficial to have a smaller faster Skylander. Most of his upgrades and abilities involve using his Photosynthesis Cannon or his powerful stampedes. As you progress through the game, you are given a choice of two upgrade paths. At this point you can decide to upgrade either the photosynthesis Cannon or the power of his stampedes. As well as being able to stampede this might Skylanders can also pound his huge fists on the ground to damage enemies.

There is a variant version of Skylanders Tree Rex called Gnarly Tree Rex. This variant version is packaged with a special edition Blue Wii Bundle Pack and a Super Slim Playstation 3 Pack. The main differences between the figures is that Gnarly Tree Rex wears Blue Bark armor and his wood is a slightly darker color. Also, when you put him on the portal, him eyes glow green, and his cannon glows an orange color. There is not really that much difference when you actually play the characters in the game.


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