Skycaddie SGX – The Ultimate Golf GPS!

The SkyCaddie SGX is the next generation of rangefinders, with advanced features, accuracy, and reliability second-to-none. Released March 15, 2010, it is one of the most anticipating golfing-specific GPS units to date. According to its maker, Skygolf, the SkyCaddie SGX is "a platform that can extend the game beyond the 18th green". This is more than believable, considering all of the additional features this unit has to offer when compared to its competitors. The unit comes standard with a large 3 "easy-to-read transflective LCD screen that provides brilliant color images even in the brightest sunlight. even the longest of golf outings.

The SkyCaddie SGX sports an innovative, dual navigation option to provide easy one-handed operation and precision positioning without blocking critical information with fat fingers and smudges. Nothing's worse than trying to add technology to your game that makes life harder on you. Golfing technology should work to advance your game, not worsen it. Many times units like these, in their quest for ultra-portability, sacrifice usability due to their reduced sized. It often seems as though mobile units, especially GPS units, are designed for munchkins with tiny fingers. This is not a problem with the SkyCaddie, however, as it can be used with large (and even gloved) fingers. So forget having to interrupt your game due to input mistakes, constantly wiping off smudge marks, or swapping your gloves off and on.

According to SkyGolf CEO Richard Edmonson, the goal of the SkyCaddie is to "help golfers play smarter, play better, play faster, and have more fun." Well, the SkyCaddie SGX most certainly lives up to these goals. Its high-performance GPS engine includes new proprietary TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology providing rapid, accurate, and reliable satellite acquisition. It is further enhanced by an omni-directional, high-performance GPS antenna that locks quickly onto more satellites than its competitors. The SGX stays locked to optimize performance and accuracy in all terrains, even under trees. Waiting around for an inferior GPS unit to lock-in its coordinates is a thing of the past.

The SkyCaddie offers over 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified maps making it "ready to play" right out of the box with basic green information. Golfers would be hard-pressed to find this kind of reliable and accurate data anywhere else. SkyGolf's goal with the SkyCaddie is to provide consumers the same high-quality data the pros use, as professional golfers always readily on ground-verified data as opposed to yardage books derived from satellite images and flyovers.

SkyCaddie owners receive unlimited access to complete ground-verified course maps via annual memberships. Golfing consumers can rest assured these memberships contain no hidden fees, no variable charges, no gimmicks, and no hard-to-read fine print. The SkyCaddie can store up to 50 full-featured courses at one time with room to grow. It even includes patented, interactive HoleVue technology with Zoom capability, a first-of-its-kind technological breakthrough containing a ground-corrected graphics library of course maps in high, full-color detail. HoleVue technology lets the golfer know the distance to any point on a hole, allowing him or her to plan the best strategy to play the hole with the least amount of strokes. The HoleVue Zoom feature gives golfers up-close views of target areas, allowing him or her to strategize the next shot. HoleVue graphics can be trusted due to the immense time and effort SkyGolf has put into ground-verifying all of its collected map data.

Avid techno-golfers may want to take a break from reading this if they are already suffering from shock and awe over all the SkyCaddie's features described so far. As if they were not enough, the SkyCaddie even includes patented IntelliGreen technology showingcasing the exact shape of the green by automatically rotating the green to match a golfer's angle of approach. IntelliGreen provides all distances needed to hit more greens and avoid extended putts. An optional IntelliGreen Pro feature provides golfers with the added ability to obtain distinctions to major green contours, false fronts, and any other point on the green. According to SkyGolf, IntelliGreen Pro includes front, carry, and back distances from any angle of attack, all of which can not be derived from satellite imagery used in competitiveness products.

The SkyCaddie SGX also includes Digital Scorecard and Stat Tracking options to track key game statistics, including greens in regulation, fairways hit, driving accuracy and distance plus total putts. Scribbling notes with a pencil and paper are a thing of the past! These features can be used game after game to keep track of one's progress just as the pros do. Imagine making a home video of your golf outing that includes on-screen statistics just like professional games on cable TV do. What a way to impress the guys in the office!

With the SkyCaddie SGX, golfers can automatically sync their scores and stats to SkyGolf's newly created and quickly evolving online community, Club SG for comprehensive game tracking and analysis. This new, innovative golf portal allows SGX owners to synchronize and store their game data in an online personal performance locker and, in-turn, track key statistics, learn about courses, find a golf teacher, learn if their equipment is helping or hurting their game, and connect with other golfers. Launched in January 2010, Club SG beta is a fast-evolving work in progress, is a growing community of passionate golfers eager to enjoy better experiences on and off the course, by stimulating each other to improve, celebrate their successes, and attract new player to the game. With this new online golf portal, it is almost like being able to play against the entire world! Play locally, compete globally!

Just when it seemed nothing else could be added to the SGX to improve one's golfing experience, along comes SmartClub Technology. With SmartClub Technology, the SGX can communicate via wireless link to each club in a golfer's bag. Once a club is removed from a golfer's bag, a link is established between the SGX and SmartClub Tags located at the butt-end cap of the club's grip. This innovative new feature can alert golfers who mistakenly forget their clubs at the last hole. It help keep statistics on which clubs were used, how often one of clubs are used, the geo-location and distance of each shot, round data, and personal performance data in a completely automated fashion. These post-game analytics can easily be shared with friends, instructors, and golf fitters alike.

According to Edmonson, "Growing the game by helping golfers to play better and have more fun fuels the passion that keeps us innovating. on the horizon. " After seeing all of the features the new SGX packs in, it could not be closer to the truth.

The SkyCaddie SGX is available in the US market beginning March 2010 at an MSRP of $ 399. It will be released in the UK April 2010 349.95 GBP. The SkyCaddie SGX conforms to all USGA and R & A rulings and comes standard with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


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