Samsung E900 Mobile Phone

The Samsung E900 is an ultra slim, stylish camera phone. It has a smooth slide opening. The phone has as touch sensitive keypad, which glows out when in use. The phone has a large 256K color display that can be viewed either in the slide open or closed position. The new Samsung E900 comes with new interface and has a user-friendly menu. The mobile handset comes in many different colors like black, silver, gold, etc., and it only weighs 93 grams. The phone measures 93x45x16.5 mm with slim slide opening mechanism.


Camera phone: The Samsung E900 has built-in 2-megapixel camera with flash. The high feature camera phone also provides video feature and you can switch between camera and video mode as and when required. You can capture most beautiful moments in the same way as it looks with TFT high resolution display. The phone has 80MB memory that allows the user to record videos up to one hour.

Business phone: The Samsung E900 is attached with many business features like Power Point Presentation, Word, Excel, pictures, and film clips. You can use these features for your flourishing business. Even if you are out of your country and want to share data, you can do that easily with your Samsung E900 through email.

Music phone: The Samsung E900 consists of MP3 music player, which can be played anytime, anywhere. You can also download new music of your choice and transfer it on your phone easily. You can also change your mobile phone ringtones as per your mood. Ringtones come with MP3 sound polyphonic ringtones.

Java technology: Java technology enables you to play games in your handset. You can download latest 3D games in your handset and play with these as and when you like.

Other mobile features include mobile internet, MMS, Bluetooth, etc. you can obtain Samsung E900 from the UK mobile network providers under Samsung E900 deals. Under different tariff plans, you need to choose the Samsung E900 contract phone. So, do not wait and get the new handset and enjoy the features.


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