Roundup of Samsung's Mobile Phone Developments in 2011 So Far

Samsung is very active in the mobile phone market. It's so active in fact that it can be difficult to keep up with all its latest developments. Let's take a squizz at what the company has been up to.

On the hardware side Samsung has been carrying out intensive research into image sensors. Seeing as how many people buy mobile phones for the quality of the camera, Samsung has been working hard to ensure it holds on top of the market. The result: two new CMOS sensors. According to Rossi Fernandes (tech2), the 12MP sensors are based on 1.12 micron technology and the 8MP sensors are based on 1.4 micron technology. The sensors will allow for picture perfect images even when the light is bad, as well as immaculate HD video recording. Mass production is about to start, so you'll have to wait until later in 2011 before you can try out the new sensors for yourself.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics has been working on upgrading the company's processors for mobile devices. Exynos processors will soon replace the current Hummingbird processors in a range of mobile phones and tablet PCs and is expected to leapfrog the company a couple of steps ahead of its competitors. According to PC World, the Exynos 4210 chip is a 1GHz dual-core processor that will up Samsung's HD multimedia capabilities while extending battery life. It will go into production in March 2011.

Phone-wise, according to Hardware Zone, Samsung has just released three new Android phones:

• The Galaxy Ace is for multimedia lovers who like playing games, watching videos and browsing photos and are added to social networks.
• The Galaxy Fit is for young business professionals making their way in the corporate world. It has an integrated email system and "Office Viewer" functions.
• The Galaxy mini is more suited to young mobile phone users who like to sync their contacts and prefer instant messaging to texting.

There is also the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, which is available in the US through MetroPCS and its 4G network. The phone is reportedly super-fast when it comes to downloading and uploading content, and while it may not meet the high standards of other 4G phones, its speed and storage capacity make it an attractive option.

At the low-end we have the Samsung SGH-T259, which harks back to the days when mobile phones were simpler. It is a flip phone with a microSD card slot and stereo Bluetooth.

And those are just Samsung's mobile phone developments; It's just as busy when it comes to its tablets and other mobile devices. So, watch this space.


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