Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8GB – The Powerful and Efficient Handsets

The Nokia N95 is looked upon as one of the best multimedia enabled handsets with great applications and wondrous functionality. This phone has won great recognition and accolades as being one of the finest multimedia devices that facilitates great entertainment and communication. The phone has advanced GPS navigation system that gives it a cut above the rest. This incredible handset lures the new generation mobile phone users who demand the best features and advanced functionalities from their phones.

The phone has extremely awesome display and highly efficient and user friendly interface. It has amazing camera with great video recording and image capturing capability. The handset comes with innovative applications that facilitate awesome multimedia experience to the users. One can easily record videos and take pictures with the advanced camera in this device. The high speed internet access is facilitated with the help of GPRS and EDGE technology.

The device also comes with innovative music player with which one can listen to melodious music tracks and rejuvenating songs. The handset features 2.6 inches large screen with high resolution and wonderful colors. The phone also showcases FM radio with which the users can easily listen to the most popular chat shows and music programs on various radio stations.

The Nokia N95 8GB comes with certain enhancements and additional features as compared to Nokia N95. The handset features superior applications and better facilities. It has high storage capacity of 8 giga bytes with which a very large amount of files and songs etc can be stored in the device. The incredible storage space gives the users an easy way to keep all their favorite songs and videos in the handset itself.

The N95 8GB contains more efficient GPS navigation system with maps of over 100 countries. It also features support for the N-Gage games that give complete entertainment and fun to the users. Unlike the N95 that has 2.6 inches large screen, the N95 8 GB has a 2.8 inches wide wide screen that has great resolution and better color display.

The Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8 GB have great battery backup that ensures that the users can talk over their phones without any hassle. These innovative handsets feature 5 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and other imaging functions like white balance, red eye reduction technique, auto focus, flash light etc.


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