MPIO FY 800 (2 GB) Mp3 Player

Physical Features

The relationship FY800 has in terms of the shape and size with other "Nano" players such as iPod Nano and Creative Zen Nano makes MPIO FY 800 device a Nano device while relating to the same objective of providing the user with some level of control over its functions and operations through its controls and the LCD display. MPIO FY800 is an elegant partner to carry around. MPIO FY 800 scratch-resistant anodized aluminum coating is another reason for its popularity among careless users. This light weight device is a perfect travel mate, no matter where you'd be. If you were to feel fed up your music collection, you can simply switch back to FY800's FM tuner despite the 'switch back' method might confuse you a little bit.

Technical Department

FY800's quality of sound is next to great as it gives out no hissing or background hums while MP3 or WMA's are at play. This is also true when the EQ presets are flat. Many users agree that FY800's six EQ presets plus the five user defined presets adds much value to its quality of sound. As far as the FM mode is concerned, it provides for 20 FM station presets. The next best option is its ability to record live broadcasts as WAV files. As per the file formats it supports, MP3, WMA, and ASF are on the front line. These also can be switched between a Mac / PC compatible MSC mode where the device acts as a USB hard drive and a PC specific MTP mode that supports subscription services such as Rhapsody.


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