MP3 Player Tricks for Beginners

I bet almost every one of you may get a mp3 player. The new gadget really has brought us wonderful experience. To be an experienced user of mp3 player, one need clear examination of e user manual first, and the considerable amount of practice. Be able to use is just the beginning, finding out what it can do exceed your expectation is more interesting and challenging. Here goes the mp3 trick for beginners.

Use earpiece as FM tuner. A lot of users complain that they can’t receive FM radio or it seems that their players never work in FM tuning. It is reasonable. Most players adopt internal antenna which is bad in receiving signals. To make things worse, most of you live/work in city buildings which will weaken and even block the signal. One good solution is to use the earpiece when tuning. The long wire serves “external” antenna at this time, and consolidate signal strength. You can test this if you don’t believe. And you will be surprised to find that at many places (office room, apartment, etc) where it cannot tune-in previously, now you get clarity of sound and selectable programs.

Take care of the battery. Most players use built-in rechargeable batteries and replacing a battery needs specific technique which mean when anything happens to or affects the battery, it will render the player useless. Basic rules are avoiding heat/moisture/water, don’t recharge until the player is completely drained, enough charge at each time, One acknowledgment is that the Lithium-ion battery has limited life span and the capacity will degrade naturally as time goes by. A few measures can slow down the degradation; they are regular breaking charge after particular time of using (one month, for example) and always keeping it cool.

Save power and gain longer performance. Do you know that almost every player can last longer than its specified hours. To achieve this, you have to take power saving measures.

1. Set back light time. There is no need to turn the back light on always, it wastes power. Set auto turn off after one minute of no operation.

2. Adjust brightness. Excessive bright color is not good, it hurts eyes, causes eye weariness. Adjust the brightness that best suit to your eyes.

3. Auto turn off. Forget to turn off when you fall into sleep? Set auto turn off and save power.

You need more excitement. An mp3 player, is not just a kind of personal music device, but an excellent source of all kinds of entertainment systems. You can connect it to your computer speaker, hear music from speakers without turning on the computer; or treat your guests by connecting it to your home stereo system; when on the rode, enjoy music by hooking the mp3 player to your car stereo system. With technology unification, you will find that your mp3 players are compatible to large varieties of other devices.


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