Motorola Razr V3 – The Best Yet

When Motorola decided to bring out a new cell phone they decided to throw away the rule book and what they come out with has certainly begun to stand out from the rest.

The Razr V3 which is generally referred to as the Razr is considered by many to epitomise visibly what is at the forefront of cell phone design and technology. The first thing that nobody can ignore with this product is how incredibly thin it is. With it only being 1.4 cm thick and 5.3cm wide (it is about the same width as the credit card you have in your wallet or purse) and it is only 9.8cm long, therefore making it one of the smallest and slimmest cell phones available in the market today. Plus with its distinct looks it is no reason why the Razr's popularity has continued to increase.

Also with its unique style and popular appearance the Razr is certainly not all flash and no substance. As well has been equipped with a digital camera, which has a quality zoom function that allows you to catch any moment you like, it also has the ability for the user to watch relayed through the polyphonic speaker. Although the screen is small, Motorola has still been able to include 3D graphics which help to make an optimal picture experience.

Another reason why the Razr has been able to give such a high level of technology within this small package is the new "Bluetooth" technology that has also been included with this package. This apparently allows the Razr to carry out many of the tasks that are typically associated with larger cell phones.

Motorola has certainly come up with a winner this time. All too often you find that phone companies who try to give the public a flashy new design of phone ending up with a product that is all flash and no substance. These results in a large amount of their customers finding that they have purchased a dud and that it does not live up to the hype that the company has pushed on to them. However, with the


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