LG Parades Its Designer Collection

There is a new trend coming up that promises to engulf more than just clothes and accessories within the designer segment. The threat is an imminent one, but pleasant nonetheless. South Korean mobile phone manufacturer LG has capitalized on this popularity of designer products by launching its own range of designer mobile phones to target the trend following people. These designer mobile phones from LG leave no stones unturned to provide users with both style and utility.

LG has always been in the limelight courtesy of a healthy proliferation of innovative mobile phones in the market from time to time. More than anything, the unique packaging and sturdy designs of LG phones are the prime assets. Moving on those lines, LG Prada and LG Shine are two of the most attractive mobile phones to have been introduced by the manufacturer. These two phones exude style and magnificence in every way known to a mobile phone user. Sashaying through the endless crowd of new generation mobile phones portraying both style and substance, the LG Prada and the LG Shine epitomise the best in reflective fashion. The stunningly beautiful appearance of these phones are enough to captivate the hearts of the trendiest of onlookers. Wrapped in a satin black smooth casing, the LG Prada has a 3 Inch TFT touch sensor screen that provides a swooning aura to the phone's elegance. The LG Shine, on its part has a mirror effect 2.2 Inch TFT screen or embedded within its stainless steel body that presents a hitherto witnessed style statement. Besides the distinctive designer factor that these phones pack, utility enriched packaging is also another proud asset.

LG has definitely made a positive impact in the mobile phone industry with the introduction of these revolutionary phones. With changing times and a progressive technology, there is no end to the kind of magic that the manufacturer can weave in the future days to arrive.


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