iTrip Review and Information

If you love your iPod and love listening to music, then you need to seriously out out the iTrip. The iTrip is essentially an FM transmitter that makes your iPod compatible with any radio receiver like the one found in a car. The iTrip device has a very sleek design and is small which is a huge plus for this little gadget. It comes in different styles, colors, and some different technologies to meet any need you have with your iPhone or iPod. This little FM transmitter has a range of about 15 feet and can broadcast to any FM receiver on FM frequencies from 76 to 108 Mhz. iTrip does not use batteries as it draws power from the iPod itself.

The device is simple is design and functionality. You simply plug it into the headphone jack on the top of your iPod and an interface pulls up on you screen which allows you to change the listening frequency. This feature is very nifty and makes it very easy to see what you are doing and makes frequency selection a breeze. There are different types of iTrip products that work in your car. One of the products has a charging cord so you can keep you iPod charged while traveling a large distance. Other gadgets are colored differently to match your existing hardware.

If you are always on the go and love to listen to music, this product is definitely for you. These devices can be bought on line or in any retail store that sells iPod accessories.


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