HTC Touch 3G

The HTC Touch family is highly regarded in the market and the HTC Touch 3G promises to be a winner in the smart phone category.

With a weight of 96g and dimension of 102×53.6×14.5 mm, HTC Touch 3G is a very compact device aimed at those for what weight and space is at a premium. The small size does not infringe on capacity, however, and a range of colors render it even more attractive – it looks particularly impressive in the gold color option.

With the excellent 2.8 inch screen that can be found on a number of HTC phones – a full QVGA device with touch screen capability – the Touch 3G is capable and promises much simply in appearance.

The HTC Touch 3G is more than just being good looking, however, as the high speed – 7.2 Mbps – HSDPA broadband capability with quad-band support for GSM networks is a definite plus sign, and for users looking to dodge network data charges the Touch 3G features Wi-Fi and it also sports a built-in GPS receiver with Google Maps pre-installed.

The HTC Touch 3G is a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone and those Windows mobile fans will be among the most likely customers. It supports MS Exchange, push email, mobile versions of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, a PDF reader. Paring down the TouchFLO interface from 3D to 2D brings improvement when compared to the HTC Touch Diamond and makes the handset easy to use and tactile to handle.

With 192MB of RAM the HTC Touch 3G has a very capable memory base. One of the earlier practices of HTC phones has been that they were slower than many rivals, but the HTC Touch 3G's 528MHz processor takes a step forward in that respect and delivers zippy interface navigation.

Memory is expandable by the usual card slot, and the 3.2 megapixel camera with no autofocus, no self-protrait mirror and no LED for lighting up subjects in dark situations is only rudimentary. Added features include Bluetooth and the usual additions, giving the Touch 3G a firm footing in the market place. Online applications such as the Opera Mini web browser, YouTube viewer and Google Maps are also included.

This phone offers a decent battery, providing six hours of talk time and nearly 19 days of standby time on a charge, making HTC Touch 3G's most impressive point. All in all as HTC's mid-ranged smartphone, HTC Touch 3G is a great phone with good looks and solid performance.


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