How to Build a Hydrogen Generator – DIY HHO Gas Conversion Kits

Want to build your own hydrogen generator that can produce on demand HHO gas out of water to increase gas mileage? It is not difficult to do at all but if you are extremely lazy you can buy pre-built HHO gas conversion kits … but it's gonna cost you.

I'm a single mom with very little spare time on her hands and even less mechanical ability but I was able to build a hydrogen generator in just a few hours and have been saving on my gas bill for over a year now.

All you need is a good guide to building the hydrogen generator, of which there are several available on the internet, a few extra bucks in your pocket (about $ 65) and some spare time.

You start by creating a container which will hold water and a set of electrodes. When you apply electricity from the car's battery to those electrodes, a most feasible thing happens.

By electrolysis, you can actually separate water molecules into their core elements of hydrogen and oxygen. You will have two bonded hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom which is represented as HHO, or Brown's gas named after Yull Brown, a famous researcher on this technology.

A technology in fact that has been around for almost a hundred years. People have been using water as gas since the early seventies, and thousands of thousands of thousands are doing it today with pretty amazing results.

Once you have created the gas in the container, the engine vacuum draws it into the combustion chamber along with the gas vapor you already use and the combination result burns much more efficiently.

This more complete combustion is responsible for increasing gas mileage. Big oil and a tax hungry government do not want you to know anything about this technology because some people have increased their gas mileage by 50-85%!

Building your own hydrogen generator is easy, fun and affordable and will save you money at the pump. There is no complicated conversion of your car's engine or computer system and in fact, you can remove the hydrogen generator in a matter of minutes with no evidence of it ever having been there.

You can find all the materials you need at the local hardware store for about $ 65 and have the generator up and producing HHO gas over the course of a single weekend. Hey, if this country girl can do it, I know you can as well!


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