How Do I Find Someone's Email Address

We all like to keep in contact with friends, family, coworkers, and business associates and in this modern era email is one of many choices for doing just this. But what happens when you find yourself asking, "How do I find someone's email address". Much like cell phone numbers there is not an online directory that just lets you look up email addresses quickly and easily.

This is because email addresses are not normally published in a freely accessible directory for everyone to use. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer amount of new email addresses that are created everyday. Some people may in fact have more then one address associated with themselves, and many times they throw these away for any number of reasons.

You can use the internet in two ways to hunt down an unknown email address. The first is to just do a search using one of the big internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. What you are counting on happening is finding someone's email address that they left on a website somewhere in cyberspace. Social networking sites like MySpace, online classified sites, message boards, and forums are all places you may find email addresses.

The more you know about the person who email you are looking for the better of finding it if it exists on one of these sites. To use this method you enter the full name of the person and any other information you know about them into the search box. To make the search specific to that name put quotes around it like so "Betsy Young". If you know where they live you can add that information as well. It will look like this "Betsy Young" + Miami. Hit the search button and see what you can find.

Your second choice for finding someone's email address is to use a reverse email lookup directory. This route has the best chance of success because they give you instantaneous access to public records databases which contain large amounts of information including email addresses. You will have to pay but the fee is usually small, in the $ 20 to $ 40 range. Once you have paid you will get unlimited access to do as many searches as you need to for the lifetime of your membership.

Many of these sites also give you access to other records that exist in the public domain including court records, bankruptcy reports, marriage and divorce records, unlisted phone and fax numbers, tax liens, and other records as well.

So the next time you ask "how do I find someone's email address" you can try these two methods. Just remember that doing a free search may not find the email information you are looking for. To greatly increase your chances consider spending a little money to quickly find the email address you are looking for.


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