Guide to the New Archos Tablet

Technology has evolved the personal media player with the new Archos tablet. If you are an on the go person, this Android based media player has the best applications to choose from. No matter where you are you can take your videos, music and photos with you. The long battery life will let you enjoy up to seven hours of video watching or 40 hours of audio on a single charge!

Android applications are also accessible by this media player which is making it one of the coolest on the market. When you can carry an internet media player like this around, who needs a computer? There are just a few color options to choose from with this table, but Amazon has many different memory sizes to choose from. You can choose a tablet that has 500 GB (giga bytes) or even as little as 8 GB, depending on your media needs. A 500 GB tablet can hold up to 148,000 songs while the 8 GB can hold 4,000 songs, 80,000 photos or 7 full movies.

Searching for the most affordable price is what you have to do after selecting the amount of memory you need for your Archos tablet. A wide variety of retailers are on sites like Amazon that way you find many different prices. Individuals may be selling their new or used models, or you can buy directly from a manufacturer. Who you buy from will absolutely be up to your budget though. For a new or used 8 to 32 GB tablet you can expect to see a price tag of $ 250 or less. Around $ 250 to $ 375 for 200 to 300 GB tablet models and well over $ 400 to $ 500 for the tablets with 500 GB or more.

You may even want to look into buying some accessories with your Archos tablet as well. A protective shield is a good thing to consider since the tablet is a touch screen. These clear covers go over the screen to help keep dirt, foreign objects, smudges and scratches from harming your screen. A tablet folio, or a carrying case, may also be another great accessory to consider buying to help protect your tablet. Protecting your investments is imperative, especially since these personal media players do not always come cheap. Before you buy your tablet, head over to Amazon to check out their wide selection.


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