Get a Longer Battery Life From Your Palm Pre

Poor Battery Life

One of the greater frustrations of the Palm Pre, is the disappointingly poor battery life that is has. Often times, a fully charged phone may not last even for a full day. You can however, easily extend the life of your battery by trying some or all of the following suggestions.

* Stop automatic email check or extend duration between checks – (click envelope icon, click 'email' and

open preferences. Select your account and change settings).

* Turn brightness setting to the lowest (screen and lock settings).

* Change 'turn off' feature to 30 seconds (screen and lock settings).

* Turn off blue tooth and wifi.

* Log out of instant messengers (messaging settings).

* Turn off 'auto locate' (location services settings).

* Turn off 'background data collection' (location services settings).

* Avoid listening to music, viewing video, etc – (counterintuitive to its use, but media does require greater

battery usage).

* Charge when able – (intuitive, but a ten minute charge can go a long way).

* Purchase an extended battery. Palm pre comes with an 1150mAh battery, but upgrades of 1350mAh and

2600mAh – to use as primary or as a backup.

These tips should help you get a longer life out of your phone on days you may be away from steady electricity. It should be noted that the extended battery also extends the width of the palm pre by about 4mm. For those traveling or heavy media users, it may be worth the upgrade.


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