From Purple Hair To Belly Button Rings, Should You Follow Fads?

Fads are part of our culture. If you think back over the last fifty years, you can probably come up with more than a few trends that have come and gone. Hula hoops, mood rings, pet rocks, Rubik cubes and bungee jumping are a few that come to my mind. Technology has certainly spawned its share of crazes: CB radios, personal computers, boom boxes, cell phones, the internet, and blogs. Fashion has brought us even more: bell bottoms, miniskirts, leisure suits, polo shirts, tattoos and belly button rings. As you can see, some fads come and go but some have literally changed the way we live forever. How do we know when to participate or abstain?

I know I am not the only one that cringes when I think of clothing I’ve worn over the years. My niece who was in high school in the 80s doesn’t like to look at her class pictures because of her excessive make-up and huge hair. I tell her she was a victim of her times. How could she have done any different than sport the latest look when she was in her teens?

I do regret not participating in some “in things.” For example, why did I wait so long to get a cell phone? Perhaps it was my natural frugality but part of it is that I have never needed to have the latest and greatest of anything. This has helped me avoid wasting money on things like a tattoo that I would probably be regretting by now. But I have missed some of the fun that comes with being trendy. For example, I wish I had pierced my navel when I was younger and more inclined to show off my body with cute belly button rings.

Isn’t it better to enjoy the most you can today so you will have no regrets later? Which means, yes, get your belly button rings and purple hair today before you are too set in your ways to take risks!


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