Find Someone's Name From a Cell Number – The Most Difficult Part Is Picking the Right Service!

You have the mobile number and you want to know who owns it. How do you find out? According to statistics, this is a question that runs through the minds of at least 50 thousand people in the US on a regular day. And people trace numbers for various reasons.

  • To check on their spouses – to find out who they're talking to and if they're cheating
  • To identify an anonymous caller
  • To avoid calls from certain people etc.

Why you will not find cell numbers in the white pages

Mobile phones are considered 'personal'. Why landlines are not, we have no clue. But the thing is, there exist certain laws that are enforced to protect wireless phone users and so user information can not be published on public directories. That's why you can not lookup a cell number on the white or yellow pages.

Reverse Cell Phone Directories aka Online reverse mobile directories

If you do a brief search on the web, you'll come across plenty of privately-owned online databases that help you trace a wireless number within minutes. And the best thing about them is:

  • They're super fast – takes just 2-3 minutes
  • It's completely confidential (nobody knows that you've been tracing cellular numbers)
  • You can look-up as many numbers as you like

The Most Difficult Part is Picking The Right Service. 2 things you should look for!

  • Look for an online directory with at least 215 million numbers. That's about 90% of mobile phones in the USA. This will ensure that you will not waste your time on directories that have numbers from a few states or only a particular wireless carrier.
  • Make sure that it's one that's frequently updated – if not, there is a high probability that you will get information on the previous owner of that number (when people change their wireless plans, their companies recycle the numbers and give them to new subscribers)


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