Digital Wristwatch – A Multi-Purpose Utility Device

Today, with all advanced technology-loaded latest electronic gizmos available, wristwatches are not restricted to that age-old simple device to know date and time anymore.

Now wristwatches are available with latest digital technologies where you can talk, store information, check your mail, download and listen your favorite music and of course they do show the date and time. You don`t have to carry separate cellphone, digital camera, iphone, MP3 player while you travel. A digital wristwatch will solve all the purpose. These wristwatches are for multi-purpose utility.

The latest addition to digital wristwatch is the wristwatch embedded with mobile phone technology. The caller-ID wristwatch with Bluetooth keeps your connected in style by combining an elegant watch design and most up-to-date Wireless Technology. These Bluetooth embedded handsfree wristwatches seem to be the choice of new generation.

GSM, world`s most popular cellular standard is used in these wristwatch mobile phones for two-way communication. With GSM SIM card inserted this inconspicuous digital wristwatch becomes a fully featured powerhouse of a cell phone with Bluetooth, MP3 listening, wireless, camera and personal organizer.

With its advanced features, the wristwatch phones stand out from that of the average mobile phone today. Weighing something around 80 grams and measuring around a minute 37.8 x 64 x 17.7 mm, these wristwatch phones with the dual-band GSM 900/1800 MHz device offer up to 6 hours of typical talk time, 6 hours of music playing time and up to 150 hours of stand-by time at the flick of a wrist.

You can have a voice activated handling facility which includes a built-in phone book and 40 different polyphonic ring tones. These wristwatch phones also support GPRS Class 10, which facilitates users with faster speed for using WAP 1.2 browser for using e-mail service. In addition, SMS and MMS, Bluetooth as well as speakerphone facilities are also available in this wristwatch.

Users can interface through the wristwatch phone`s 8-bit (256 colors) OLED display, sporting a resolution of 96 x 64 pixels. It can also be personalized by means of wallpapers. What`s more; the display shows the time when the user is not engaged in other activities.

You can capture memorable images and video with the built in camera and then send them to friends easily over your mobile phone network. You can call your friends from your wristwatch`s Bluetooth supported headsets or using the wristwatches built in microphone and speakers. Music sound format can be of MP3, WMA, AMR or WAV type. Data transfer is possible via USB and easy charging can also be done through it. Trans flash or Micro SD card up to 2GB is provided for storage purpose.

Try band operation for easy roaming, stopwatch, stylus for precise navigation, games are some other features available in these wristwatch mobile phones. Some organizer features include alarm, calculator, calendar, unit converter, to do list, currency converter, world clock, BMI calculation.

Apart from basic camera, the wristwatch phones have other advanced multimedia features such as video recorder, video player, image viewer, sound recorder, audio player, photo editor and file manager. The wristwatch comes rechargeable with lithium ion batteries. That`s not all; this digital wristwatch also comes with some accessories which include Bluetooth headset, USB Bluetooth charging cable, power adapter, stand alone battery charger USB watch charging data transfer cable.

With so many features available, wristwatch smart phones are expected to become a hot item among owners of Bluetooth-enabled PDAs seeking GSM / GPRS connectivity. Of course they are a bit expensive as compared to normal wristwatches, but then with so many latest technologies embedded, it`s worth every penny you invest in.


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