Digital Projector Lamp Replacement Overview

Admittedly until DLP technology that facilitates the development of projectors without lamps advances lamps will continue to be an important part of our lives as owners of digital projectors. Those new to projectors will soon realize that at one point or another in the life of the projector bulb replacement will be necessary. Projector bulbs are certainly not cheap. An average projector bulb for replacement can cost you anything between $ 250 to $ 300 in the United States.

Projectors that use lamps rely on a lifespan embedded into the lamp itself. Each single use of the projector is calculated and directed on an hourly basis from the lamp life. Everything being equal most projectors will run smoothly for up to 2000 hours. This can equate to a year of perfect non-problematic use of your projector. In most cases however due to failure to follow instructions on the proper use of the projector lamp life can even be shorted in half. Typically this is caused by operating the device in dusty areas or outside preventing insects to invade the inside of the projector.

In some cases lamp replacement will come sooner than later due to projector's own malfunction which may lead to the bulb pooping. Most projectors are designed in a way that is easy for any lay person to dismantle the lamp module from the projector and replace with a new one. An important tip about bulb replacement to be shared at this point is that most people find it convenient and worthwhile to purchase a replacement bulb at the same time as the purchase of the new projector. This will save time and scarcity problems that you may encounter if you are to start looking for your lamp a year later for example. You will have to ensure lengthy down-time due to shipping time of your replacement bulb.

Most projectors are designed to give you a warning sign when your lamp is about to reach its life span. Some projectors make a certain sound yet some display this warning on start-up or switching off on the screen. The following are a few standard practical steps to apply when replacing your bulb regardless of which projector brand you are using;

1. First and foremost ensure that your projector is completely cooled down before attempting to remove the bulb.

2. Your projector must be off and disconnected from the main power supply when you begin the bulb replacement procedure.

3. In most cases your lamp will be removed using a screw-driver by opening the bottom of the projector.

4. In most cases the lamp module is just removed as is and replaced with a new one eliminating any technical know-how or rewiring. Once this is done replace cover and screw it on and your projector is good to do again.


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