DAB and Wind-Up Radios

Despite the rise of the internet, cinema and TV, the radio, our oldest broadcasting medium, is still as popular as ever. The success of the radio, which is a popular now as it was during the days of the days of the old 'wireless' is probably due to us able to listen to the radio and still continue with our lives. Whether we are cooking dinner, driving around, or at work, chances are there is a radio on in the background.

Radio technology has, however, moved on dramatically since the days of the old valve-driven machines. Transistors made radios portable and now, with the development of Digital Radio, the medium has advanced even further.


Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) has many advantages over traditional radio broadcasting. Not only is the sound a lot clearer with a digital radio, with no background noise or static interference, but there are more more channels available with a DAB too. Many of which are exclusive to DAB broadcasts.

DAB radios are falling in price all the time too and you can even get portable DAB radios and those that plug into existing car stereos.

Wind-up Radio

Another recent innovation is the wind-up radio. Wind-up radios have no need for batteries with a dynamo and clockwork mechanism providing all the power. They are ideal in remote areas and are an eco-friendly method, but they have other advantages too.

While you will never have to worry about buying batteries for your radio, many wind-up radios have other features too. Some allow you to recharge mobile phones using the trickle power of the dynamo, others even have torches attached to them too.

Solar radios and those that can recharge by USB ports on computers are also available and some wind-up radios combine these features too.


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