8x AG3 LR41 384 392 L736 LR736 Alkailine Button Cell Battery

Price: $1.69

Model: AG3 LR41 LR192 V3GA SR41 192 392
Volt: 1.5 volt
Chemical Composition: Alkaline
AG3 LR41 LR192 V3GA SR41 192 392 Lithium Battery
Capacity: 35mAh
Shelf Life: 2 years (not printed on battery)
Equivalent to AG3 392A, 392, 384, 192, GP192, 92A, G3, V3GA, V36A, L736, LR736, SR736, SR41, SR41SW, SR41/SW, SR41W, CX41, LR41, SB-B1 1.5 Volt Alkaline Button Cell Watch Batteries
Compatible with a variety of products including Laser Pointers, Clocks, Watches, Calculators, Computers, Cameras, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Remote Controls, Camcorders, Electronic Games, Electronic Instruments, MP3 Players, Digital Voice Recorders, Toys, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Testing Meters, and other electronic products.