30Pcs ag3 192 392 lr41 Alkaline Button Cell 1.5v Batteries (10pcs/cardx3)

Price: $5.75


Nominal Voltage :1.50V
Cut Off Voltage :0.90V
Chemical System:Alkaline manganese

Never charge the battery as it is not designed to be rechargeable, may cause leakage or explosion.
Insert battery with its positive and negative terminals properly aligned with the corresponding marks on the equipment.
Never short circuit, heat, incinerate or dismantle the battery.
Used for watches, Clocks,LED candles ,electronic pens
battery size:7.85mm diameter, 3.5mm thickness
order include: 10pcs/cardx3=30pcs totally
Equivalent Batteries: :392/GP92A/SR41W
Capacity:35mAh;3 years shelf life