Barracuda Stun Guns Up Close

Barracuda only uses metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries in its rechargeable stun guns. Nickel metal hydride batteries do not suffer from a “memory” effect. This means that Ni-Mh always charges your device thoroughly to the top of its capacity no matter what your recharge schedule is. Other lesser batteries lose its discharged memory and may assume that it is “empty” even if charged when it is half “full.” The net effect is that they may not charge fully unless you completely discharge the batteries. And that’s definitely not acceptable with a stun gun. (you will almost certainly burn the electrodes if you try to discharge it in air.) So it’s “no worries” with a Barracuda rechargeable unit.

Have you noticed the stun gun voltage wars? One manufacturer claims 1 million volts, then the next one is 2 million and so on. We have manufacturers’ claims of up to 8 million volts now. It is marketing gone crazy as stun gun voltages are very difficult to measure especially as it relates to force on a body. Stun guns’ dirty little secret is that voltage is not the most important measurement of power. It’s the amperage. Most units routinely produce 1-3 milliamps. This is reasonable given the modest power sources of citizen sun guns (typically 3 to 18 volts). Barracuda stun guns have an output of 4.5 milliamps which is higher than other units but still very safe.

I recently talked with Bret Harders, owner of Over The Counter Intelligence Inc who distributes the Barracuda brand exclusively. I asked him why he includes no flashlight on his units.

“We feel it’s just another button to confuse you in an emergency. Moreover, an LED light array can drain needed power from the stunning device” he said. “Picture a circumstance where you are using your stun gun as a flashlight one night. After a point in time, the dreaded happens. There are rushed footsteps coming up behind you. You turn around with just enough time to zap the attacker right at the side of the neck, a very effective spot. Blit… blit… blit. All that come out is a pathetic little spark! You had forgotten to recharge the unit lately and that 15 minutes use of a flashlight could mean the difference between life and death, literally!”

That got my attention fast. While we continue to sell thes products with flashlights, we try to warn customers to always keep the stung gun fully charged and use the flashlight feature sparingly.

All Barracuda units have the wrist strap pin safety feature. The pin which has to be inserted into the stun gun in order for I to work, is attached to a wrist loop to be worn around your wrist. If someone were to take the stun gun away from you, the pin would detach, rendering it inoperable.

Before you consider purchasing this defensive product, make sure they are legal in your city or state. Here is a list of restricted or prohibited areas.

Restricted areas: CT – Legal for home use, carrying prohibited. IL – A FOID card is required. IN – TASER subject to requirement of handgun license. WI – A CWW permit is required.

Illegal states are: HI, MA, MI, NJ, RI and all U.S. Virgin Islands

Also Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore County, Denison / Crawford County, IA, Chicago, IL, District of Columbia, Philadelphia, PA. For all areas listed we will ship to an alternate legal location.

We do not accept international orders including orders from Canada


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