Apple iPhone UK Version Is Not 3G Enabled

Apple is a very successful electronics manufacturer finding fame with their iPods and iMacs so when word was released that the company was to enter the mobile phones market the forums and blogs started to buzz with excitement.

Apple have already had an extremely successful product launch in the US with the new Apple iPhone seeing customers literally camp out overnight outside high street stores to be the first to get their hands on this new music orientated phone.

The marketing efforts of the company had definitely paid off as sales hit $ 2 Million in the first month of release and are still climbing now.

The official UK release of the iPhone was confirmed in the London branch of Apple stores last week as being 9th November 2007, but all was not as expected as the presenter went on to outline the specifications and features of the UK version of the device.

The biggest shock of all was that the UK version was not to be 3G enabled, this came as not only a huge surprise but as a big disappointment, the iPhone is designed for compatibility with the company's iTunes music software exactly as the iPods are, and without 3G the connection speeds and download times are going to be very slow.

The iPhone is in effect a mobile phone version of an iPod, the excitement that built up around this was that users would not have to plug their device into a PC or Laptop as with iPods to upload new music tracks and CDs, 3G would allow users to simply connect to the mobile internet anytime, anywhere and quickly download new music tracks, create and organize playlists and keep up to date with the latest new music releases.
Now that 3G is not present the user has to find their way to a PC regularly in order to update their music files – essentially the iPhone is simply an iPod with the facility to make and receive calls rather than a go, download and browse anywhere device .

Many people can not understand the decision to not include 3G services in this new handset and the question was put to the speaker at the presentation in London, the reply was that there may well be a 3G version of the iPhone released at a later date but certainly not this year.

A big disappointment for all as the Christmas season approaches and the iPhone was to the number one gadget on so many wish lists.
Whether the decision was taken based on the extra technology needed or because of the compatibility with the UK networks 3G systems, nobody yet knows, but one thing is for sure, this new device is far more like a music player than a mobile phone.

Considering that so many new phone models from the top manufacturers now offer music players, expandable memory and 3G services the iPhone is going to have a mammoth task on its hands to break the UK market.

In conclusion, the new iPhone will still attract the gadget lovers and mobile enthusiasts but maybe not the broad appeal that the manufacturer is expecting for.


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